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Can A Massage Helps You Lose Fat?

Reduction massage is performed with a stronger pressure and speed than usual. The reductive massage seeks to help eliminate the accumulation of localized fat and, at the same time, stylize the outline of the figure achieving a more beautiful silhouette. Helps reduce localized fat in the legs, hips, buttocks, abdomen and arms, but also improves blood circulation and has a therapeutic effect on the body. The massage is manual, so it requires a little pressure and strength in areas such as legs, arms, and abdomen. The patient should know that it is not a relaxing massage, but that you work hard in those areas to remove fat. Massage can help reduce fat and the appearance of cellulite. People with very sensitive skin should not undergo this type of massage, as they may become bruised after the session. To achieve good results, you must undergo about 20 sessions of reductive massage, for one month. Then do it alternately.


This technique allows you to mold your figure. It also decreases excess fat, cellulite, and toxins. Thanks to the movements that continue to help clean the body and shape the figure. When performing the massage for a month, you reduce fat and body measurements. In some cases, the person lowers body weight and measurement. The most common way to perform reductive massage is with the practice of kneading, using knuckles and techniques that allow drainage. Along with it, pinching helps to eliminate cellulite. During the massage, pressure and the movements are done with the hands, it helps dissolve the adipose tissue. Each movement of the reductive technique intensifies circulation and local metabolism. The massage lasts for 30 minutes; a reduction cream is used to make the movements of hands on the body.

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Effects of reduction massage

Control body toxins: The massage facilitates detoxification through the bladder and intestines. It is also good for the cardiovascular, lymphatic and digestive system, essential for the elimination of toxins.

Generate heat: Massage of the abdomen helps the body produce heat, which causes the adipose tissues in that area to dissolve
and make it easier to eliminate the fats. And improve muscle tone.

Reduce size: Reduction of size is achieved because the fatty acids and toxins accumulated in the treated area are released. Decreases waist by few centimeters, effects that visually grab the attention much faster.

Itching: You may feel pain during the first few sessions. If you have cellulite, the pain of the massage will intensify. If you have fat deposits, massage can cause a little itchy skin.

Consume five meals a day: three large and two snacks, which must include all food groups. Half of the plate should be fruits and vegetables; the other half divided into two carbohydrates and proteins.

The exercise should be done on a daily basis, at least 45 minutes a day. You can walk, bike, exercise aerobics or swim. The important thing is to intensify the activity you do to be able to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

You should consume between three and four liters of water daily. That will allow you to stay hydrated. It will also help you lose weight.

Find out the qualities of a good chiropractor in this article.

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What Are The Qualities Of A Good Chiropractor

To help relieve pain and other symptoms through the manipulation of joints and the spine which are noninvasive is the main goal of chiropractors. The number of chiropractors is rapidly increasing because their skills are very important. With this, you need to be observant and look for a chiropractor that can really help you. There are some qualities a good chiropractor has. This quality makes him successful and will take him to the top of his profession. Below are some of those good qualities:


A good chiropractor…

Loves his profession

He should be passionate about his work and this reflects his passion and commitment to the field.

Is an expert in his profession

He should have a wealth of knowledge about the parts of the body that involve the chiropractic treatment namely spine, the nervous system, the movement of the entire, exercise, and nutrition. They love learning. With this, they are updated on new research and techniques in chiropractic. Most people consider the best chiropractor when he is very knowledgeable in his field. This means that he knows what he is doing for the overall benefit of his client.

Has a sense of direction

He understands his purpose and that is to help people stay healthy. He feels proud and  strives to be a better chiropractor so that he can help many people.


Has good communication skills

When you communicate well, you can have a great time speaking with various type of patients This will ensure that all the needs of your patients are being understood and met. You are able to provide all the patient’s chiropractic needs if all information are being understood correctly.

Has excellent business skills

Having a good business skill can help him to have a strong foundation of his chiropractic practice. Moreover, accounting and marketing skills are also important to manage his business successfully.

Is humble

He is not afraid to admit their chiropractic services may not be the best way to go. They are also not too proud to seek help from other when they are not sure of something for the chiropractic treatment.


Is sincere

One of the qualities that a patient is looking for a chiropractor is sincerity. A great chiropractor can understand what a patient is going through when it comes to pain and other symptoms. This quality of a chiropractor helps put a patient at ease and builds trust. He can put people at ease and has a good disposition. He can make patients feel comfortable during a treatment.

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Can focus solely on his patient

A chiropractor that can focus mainly on every patient is committed to creating a relaxed treatment environment. This quality can also ensure that a patient is being taken care of well during the treatment.

5 Life-Changing Yoga Positions

We have heard about yoga and its remarkable benefits to mental and physical health. Some even report that it can help shake off some pounds by mastering the tricky positions and executing it well.

Yoga has been existing for a long time which is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices. This originated in ancient India and now there is a wide variety of schools which cater to this discipline.

You can find out more about it here:

Moving on, there are a lot of yoga positions that are involved in this practice but, let me share with 5 awesome ones which can change your life!

#1 Child"s pose (Balasana)


Start off from a kneeling position then gradually bring your chest down onto your thighs while bringing your forehead to the floor. Make sure that you spread your knees apart. Your arms could be positioned differently though according to your preference. You could just stretch them by your side or stack your hands underneath your forehead.

By inhaling and exhaling slowly, you would feel relaxed as feel your spine curving along with your breath. Beginners can easily do this position and you can stay as long as 1 to 3 minutes.


#2 Downward Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana)


You need to be on all fours with your palms a little wider than your shoulder width. Tuck your toes with a hip distance apart. Slowly lift the hips into the air. Your chest should move back toward your thighs with your head relaxed and arms straight. Roll the shoulders away from the ears, keep the knees bent and start to walk one heel down at a time. Just keep in mind that you should keep your hips high rather than getting your soles to the ground.

#3 Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)


From a standing position, widen your legs to 3 feet apart. Turn the right toes to the right wall, ensuring the heel is aligning with the center arch of the left foot. Take the arms parallel to the ground and reach out to the right side, keeping both legs straight as possible.

Stay for 5 to 10 breaths and repeat on the other side.

#4 Standing Forward Bend Pose (Uttanasana)


Start off from a standing position with feet together, then bend forward from the hip joints and not from your waist.You can let your head hang, with palms placed flat on the floor near the feet. If there is no tension in your back, you could gradually straighten your legs. You can stay in this pose for 30 seconds to a minute.


#5 Cat/ Cow Pose (Bidalasana)


Start with a tabletop position with the wrists directly beneath the shoulders and the knees beneath the hips. Press yours palms unto the mat to ensure your shoulder blades are stretched. While inhaling, you could look up or forward and while exhaling you could tuck your chin towards your chest. This pose gently increases blood flow to the internal organs of the torso, as well as stretching the back. Never do this if you are suffering from neck or wrist injury.

These positions are perfect for your morning routine as they can help you release stress and feel relaxed. If you feel that it"s quite hard to these on your own, you could go ahead a take some sessions at your local yoga school or hire a personal yoga trainer.