5 Fruits That Are Deliciously High in Vitamin C


Vitamin C has been quite popular nowadays as it is a potent anti-oxidant which can give you better body resistance and even youthful, glowing skin! It also helps in the repair of numerous body tissues which is vital to our growth.

When we think of Vitamin C, the orange fruit comes to our mind immediately. We could see it becoming the symbol or icon for most medicines and people have grown familiar with it. But, little did we know that it doesn’t perform well when it comes to the amount of Vitamin C it has.

So, let me share to you some lovely fruits which can make you sure you get enough of that outstanding anti-oxidant!


#1 Strawberries



These lovely red babies pack about 85 mg of Vitamin C per cup which makes it outstanding when it comes to giving you the best dose of antioxidants. They are also used as decorations on various culinary dishes such as some pastries. Makes sure to pick out the shiny and bright red ones to eat fresh ones. Smoothie anyone?


#2 Pineapple



This tropical and succulent fruit contains about 79mg of Vitamin C per cup and is best eaten raw. It also contains helpful enzymes which makes it quite suitable as a meat tenderizer or marinade. You can definitely try it with beef to give it a twist! Or you could just make a fresh juice in minutes!


#3 Mango



Another tropical fruit that’s sweet but packs a punch with about 122 mg per fruit! Also, it contains various phytochemicals which have a potential biological effect. It can be eaten raw, as a smoothie or even a garnish. If sweet mangoes are not your thing, you could try sour ones and make a chutney!


#4 Kiwifruit


Two of these fruits can give you an incredible amount of Vitamin C at 128 mg. The whole fruit including the skin is suitable for consumption though some might it a bit weird because of its fuzzy texture. Aside from that, it contains actinidain which is commercially useful as a meat tenderizer. Maybe a  kiwi shake will do?

#5 Papaya


Well, tropical fruits are definitely way more than expected, this fruit is a rock star by giving 95mg Vitamin C per small fruit. It also contains a moderate source of folate and other essential nutrients. A lot of papaya soaps have been introduced into the market but, I’d rather have a green papaya salad!

So, orange is not the only fruit that can be an excellent source of Vitamin C but, try to consider these other fruits which are undeniably heavy hitters in giving you the best nutritional value.

Just make sure though that you buy organic ones than those loaded with pesticides and enjoy a natural diet!

There are vegetables as well that have a higher Vitamin C content than an orange but, that’s another story. Maybe, we’ll discuss that on another post.

For now, remember when you think about Vitamin C, it’s not about the orange fruit but strawberries, pineapples, mangoes, kiwifruits and papayas!

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