No Fear! Healthy Burgers Are Here!



Who could possibly resist them? Their irresistible smell and charming appearance can always catch our attention while making our mouth water.

Most burgers are considered unhealthy for they are surely loaded with a lot of calories which makes quite disappointed in keep our weight at bay. For most times, we would feel quite guilty after gobbling one up. Then, in worst case scenarios, we may panic and punish ourselves for going over the line.

However, there’s good news! Healthy burgers are now here and there is a fair amount of recipes that could see. Let me share to you some of them to get you started with these lovelies!

Jerk Chicken Burger


An easy to prepare lean chicken burger with Jamaican-inspired spicy seasoning. Served with mango, tomato, lettuce and sauce. If you opt for something tropical and tangy, this would be the perfect choice! 417 kcal per serving.

Falafel Burgers


Thinking of a more veggie one? This burger has a chickpea patty with garlic, spice and herbs for an earthy flavor. 476 kcal per serving.


Crispy Japanese-Style Chicken Burgers


If you’re going Japanese, this would do the trick! Marinated strips of chicken really bring out an Asian Twist which will leave you satisfied! Quick and easy to do! 715 kcal per serving! (Serves 4 burgers.)


Cajun Chicken & Pineapple Burger


Looking for something more tropical? This burger with soured cream, cheddar cheese and salad can be cooked at anytime of the year. You can easily use your grill and you’re done in minutes! Only 373 kcal per burger!

Lamb & Chickpea Pitta Burger


Tired of the regular bun? Try this exotic burger for a change. Minced lamb with mint and cumin makes it quite exquisite. Humble Pittas are then stuffed with houmous, pomegranates and peppers. 675 kcal per burger.

Chicken Tikka Burgers


Perhaps you want an Indian twist? How about this Indian-inspired burger with marinated chicken and homemade chutney. Not to mention a refreshing herb salad to go along with it. 438 kcal per serving.

Homemade Burgers with Potato Wedges


It’s never complete without wedges or fries! So here you go, a homemade burger with lean minced beef or turkey¬† infused with fresh chilli for a healthy and delectable patty. Served along with paprika-spiced sweet potato chips. 388 kcal per serving.

DIY Kofta Burgers


Tired of waiting in line for a burger at a kebab van? No worries, you can simply do it yourself. Minced lamb, spices and herbs make it exciting along with tomatoes, red cabbage and onion. Top it off with plain yogurt and you’re good to go! 295 kcal per serving.

Sticky Sausage Burgers With Blue Cheese


Kids love burgers, too! Pork sausages are made into tasty burgers added with chutney and herbs. To make it more special, you can add a chunk of blue cheese in the middle of the patty which gives a more rich flavor. To finish it off, just add your favorite salad and take a bite! 436 kcal per serving.

So, here are some healthy burger recipes that could help you erase your worries and guilt whenever you need to satisfy your craving!

You can find all these tasty recipes and more at BBC Good Food.

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