Can A Massage Helps You Lose Fat?

Reduction massage is performed with a stronger pressure and speed than usual. The reductive massage seeks to help eliminate the accumulation of localized fat and, at the same time, stylize the outline of the figure achieving a more beautiful silhouette. Helps reduce localized fat in the legs, hips, buttocks, abdomen and arms, but also improves blood circulation and has a therapeutic effect on the body. The massage is manual, so it requires a little pressure and strength in areas such as legs, arms, and abdomen. The patient should know that it is not a relaxing massage, but that you work hard in those areas to remove fat. Massage can help reduce fat and the appearance of cellulite. People with very sensitive skin should not undergo this type of massage, as they may become bruised after the session. To achieve good results, you must undergo about 20 sessions of reductive massage, for one month. Then do it alternately.


This technique allows you to mold your figure. It also decreases excess fat, cellulite, and toxins. Thanks to the movements that continue to help clean the body and shape the figure. When performing the massage for a month, you reduce fat and body measurements. In some cases, the person lowers body weight and measurement. The most common way to perform reductive massage is with the practice of kneading, using knuckles and techniques that allow drainage. Along with it, pinching helps to eliminate cellulite. During the massage, pressure and the movements are done with the hands, it helps dissolve the adipose tissue. Each movement of the reductive technique intensifies circulation and local metabolism. The massage lasts for 30 minutes; a reduction cream is used to make the movements of hands on the body.

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Effects of reduction massage

Control body toxins: The massage facilitates detoxification through the bladder and intestines. It is also good for the cardiovascular, lymphatic and digestive system, essential for the elimination of toxins.

Generate heat: Massage of the abdomen helps the body produce heat, which causes the adipose tissues in that area to dissolve
and make it easier to eliminate the fats. And improve muscle tone.

Reduce size: Reduction of size is achieved because the fatty acids and toxins accumulated in the treated area are released. Decreases waist by few centimeters, effects that visually grab the attention much faster.

Itching: You may feel pain during the first few sessions. If you have cellulite, the pain of the massage will intensify. If you have fat deposits, massage can cause a little itchy skin.

Consume five meals a day: three large and two snacks, which must include all food groups. Half of the plate should be fruits and vegetables; the other half divided into two carbohydrates and proteins.

The exercise should be done on a daily basis, at least 45 minutes a day. You can walk, bike, exercise aerobics or swim. The important thing is to intensify the activity you do to be able to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

You should consume between three and four liters of water daily. That will allow you to stay hydrated. It will also help you lose weight.

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